Tuesday, January 13, 2015

going back

i didn't think i'd ever get to use this blog again, but guess what? hubby and i are going back to japan!! i could not be more excited.

this time, we've decided to time it to see the cherry blossoms. that's something that was on my original must-do list, but we couldn't make it work. only problem is that the planning time is more rushed. we are aiming to go for the end of march/early april. i've got a lot of work to do. like last time, i'm unemployed, so i've got the time. i've just been... in a funk. extreme laziness is the main symptom. better get started now.

my only ideas this time around, so far are:
hanami (cherry blossom viewing party crashing - ueno park?)

revisiting some of the same places as last time - wandering akihabara, tokyo station, fushimi inari taisha

ghibli museum (missed it last time - best to buy tickets at the same time as getting the JR pass because they sell out) 

more temples and shrines

gundam cafe

imperial palace

and maybe head out to nikko or kamakura~
edo wonderland


things i want to buy:
toilet slippers


eco powder for used cooking oil (katamete-pon)

bull dog sauce

heated toilet seat?



i love how i wrote out precise instructions on obtaining an exchange order for the JR pass. i was doing it to help out other people (even though no one reads this blog), but as it turns out, i helped myself. there is no way i would have remembered all that. i just hope the process hasn't changed in 5 years. (has it really been that long?!)

i'm still trying to update the days from my first trip... i SWEAR, i will stay on top of it this time around. even if it's just point form with pictures, i WILL post something every day when we're there again.


  1. woot woot. i want something back......something purple lol have a blast. i will miss you.

  2. Cool!!!! You'd better take plenty of pictures, twinie!!! I wanna see the shrines and the blossoms and and and!!!! I'll miss you like crazy!!!

  3. Excellent news! So very excited for you. Can't wait to hear all about it.