Saturday, February 21, 2015

wrench in the plan

i'm sad. we went downtown (with the help of my own instructions from last time) to pick up our JR pass exchange orders and tickets to the studio ghibli museum. everything went smoothly - got two 2 week exchange orders totalling an insane $ which we will hand in at the haneda airport JR office for our passes - EXCEPT they were already sold out of ghibli tickets. 2 and a half months in advance! we told the very nice and helpful lady at the JTB office which date we were planning to go. not available. tried a few more dates. not available. turns out, the entire time we are in japan - not available. so sorry. *waaah*  hubby is still trying to figure out another way to get them, but i'm not holding my breath. 
honestly, this really upsets me. it was the only top priority plan we didn't get to do last time. and now that it's happening for the second time... i'm kind of heartbroken. :(

ONLY the JR pass exchange orders were obtained
- no studio ghibli museum tickets

BUT, still superexcited! this trip is going to be amazing. i'm putting the final touches on our plans. i'm making a pinterest board that highlights all the fun things we're planning to do. hopefully, i'll stay on top of things this time and actually post daily pictures on here. 

38 days to go!!

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